Wake & Bake

Quick Info

Days and Times

October 14th

How Many Stops?

1 Dispensary
1 Coffee Roaster
1 Donut Bar
1 Cooking Class

Free Benefits

Front Line pass
Discounted Prices
Fancy Swag Bag
Free Coffee and Donuts



Tour Summary

Rise and shine it’s cooking time!

MJ Tours is excited to announce our newest tour, Wake & Bake. So grab a friend, put on your favorite pair of slippers, and hop on board to have the wake and bake morning of your dreams.

The tour provides you with a one of a kind hands on experience with cannabis butter. Learn how to create cannabis infused treats; a skill that you can take home with you to impress everyone at your next get together.

No need to dress to impress on this tour, in fact, come on board wearing your pajamas to be qualified for an extra special treat.  


MJ Tours loves to get creative, and what better way than in a cannabis friendly kitchen? Join us for a morning filled with coffee, sweet treats, and laughs, as you enjoy the amazing different aromas that cannabis has to offer. MJ Tours does not provide any cannabis on their tours.

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