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At MJ Cannabis Tours, we strive to provide uniquely planned cannabis tours that will have you leaving with a better understanding of the sacred and underrated marijuana plant. We strive in enlightening guests through the senses, infusing historic content, San Diego-exclusive establishments, and hard to find places that embody the essence of passion for their craft.  


The staff at MJ Cannabis Tours is hand picked, and has gone through a thorough training program so that our guests feel comfortable hanging out with a friend that happens to be a total geek for all things cannabis and San Diego. Our guides are professional, friendly, and knowledgeable.


We believe that the cannabis industry will only grow and thrive if the idea of cannabis becomes more of a health benefit, rather than a psychedelic drug. We strive to educate guests on the different effects while on cannabis so that guests are aware of the different potencies out there, and what may or may not work for them. We want guests to enjoy and respect cannabis as much as we do.

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What Customers Say

“My husband and I came from Arizona for the weekend and randomly went on a cannabis tour… We were able to see a HUGE grow facility, and meet some amazing scientists. I am so glad we found MJ Tours, and can’t wait to come back and visit for the buds & brews tour! Thank you for a great tour MJ.”    

-Jessica Parker

“Holy crap, I was in San Diego for work and googled weed tours. The weed & wine tour was absolutely perfect and what I needed to relax and de-stress. I met some very cool people and made new friends. MJ Tours amazed me with such a uniquely planned tour. I would have never expected it; I will most definitely be back soon!”          

-Robin Schemes

“My dad and I want to grow on our family farm and came to San Diego to see how it’s being done. What a surprise to use when we found this jaw dropping grow tour. We are able to see the entire process of the cannabis business literally from seed to sale. My dad was so impressed with everything he literally will not stop telling his friends. Needles to say, thank you MJ Tours for showing us the entire process and getting us in touch with people for support, we can’t thank you enough.”  

  -Brian Jr. Moore

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