It’s the question on everyones’ lips, “What is the best dispensary in San Diego?”

Well there are a lot of variables to that question. What cannabis products are you looking for?

• Cannabis Flower
• CBD Oils
• THC Oils
• Shatter
• CBD Balms
• THC Balms
• Weed Edibles
• THC Vapes
• CBD Vapes
• Resin
• Dab

There are so many brands and so many ways to consume weed, so the best dispensary can be answered in many ways. MJ Tours recommends first and foremost shopping only at licensed dispensaries. There are many dispensaries in San Diego, but only certain locations are licensed to sell in San Diego.

Best San Diego Dispensary

Why is shopping at a licensed dispensary so important?

The reason MJ Tours recommends shopping for the best weed and CBD products from a licensed dispensary in San Diego, is well, quite simple – you are going to find the safest, quality cannabis products at these locations. Shopping at a licensed dispensary ensures you are consuming tested products and that means you are “shopping at the best dispensary in San Diego.”

So now that you know you should look for a licensed, how do you know if the location is licensed?

Licensed dispensaries have a license number that will be displayed on all of their advertising. The license will also usually be displayed at the registration / ID checking at the front of the dispensary. You can also ask for the dispensaries license number upon arrival or from one of the sales associates.

Another way of knowing if it is a legit dispensary, the location will have taxes listed on their products.

Finally, all licensed dispensaries check for legit government issued photo IDs. Not checking IDs can be a major red flag.

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So… what is the best dispensary in San Diego?

Drumroll please! We are proud to partner with Columbia Care San Diego for many reasons, so our first choice and best dispensary award goes to – Columbia Care.

Our First Reason
Columbia Care has the finest quality products in the weed market in San Diego. They are dedicated to education, information and safe consumption with their guests.

Second Reason
Their sales associates are incredibly knowledgable. In fact, they take a course in cannabis education to be come “experts” in their field. Budtenders if you will.

Third Reason
Columbia Care is the best marijuana dispensary San Diego, because the company is dedicated to quality products. They’ve had over 1,000,000 successful sales transactions since its inception nationwide.


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