Do you want to introduce a curious or hesitant friend, relative, or grandparent to the wonderful world of cannabis? Well, if you’re a Southern California resident, now you can with MJ Tours. MJ Tours is a San Diego-based organization that provides creative cannabis experiences that focuses on educating the public about the health benefits and wellness properties of cannabis.

Founder and CEO of MJ Tours, KaylenaPinuelas began using CBD for her PTSD. As a military veteran, the positive impact CBD had on her overall well-being inspired her to try and find a way to properly educate the public about the vast health benefits of the cannabis plant. Her passion for CBD and the cannabis industry, prior business experience, and encouragement from a friend’s brother, helped foster MJ Tours in 2017. In less than three years, MJ Tours has become a highly sought after educational experience for both long-time cannabis users and CBD newbies alike. “People need to understand the cultivation, the extraction, the process. From seed to sale. From cultivation to retail,” Pinuelas expressed. With this idea in mind, she created the first of many MJ Tours: the Grow Tour. The Grow Tour takes the canna-curious on “the amazing adventure each plant takes before landing in your pipe.” This tour led to iterations such as Weed & Wine, Bud & Brews, Wake & Bake, and now, their Active Aging program.

MJ Tours Active Aging program is designed to teach the 55+ community about the ins and outs of CBD. A lack of education makes most seniors hesitant to try cannabis, and Pineulas is working hard to destigmatize the plant and make it accessible to those who might need it most. Surprisingly, seniors are the largest growing community interested in cannabis – but they’re the least educated demographic. That’s where MJ Tours comes in.

The Active Aging program provides a Cannabis 101 class where they are breakdown what CBD is, how it’s derived from cannabis plant versus the hemp plant, how to shop at dispensaries, how to read labels, finding your right dosage, how to talk to a budtender, and what products work best for certain ailments. Papa & Barkley partners with MJ Tours to provide sampling and additional information about specific products. Many people are repeat students, so they continually tweak the classes to ensure everyone is able to fully comprehend the information and learn something new each time. Not only is this class extremely informative, but the program also offers a guided shuttle to one of their dispensary partners.

MJ Tours dispatches shuttles to various senior centers and communi\ties throughout the Palm Springs and San Diego area. Many of the community members rely on these shuttles to get to their local dispensary and purchase products. Every community, such as Paradise Village in San Diego and Palms Springs 55+, follow different schedules, whether they’re bi-weekly or monthly, and they’re only getting more popular – Pinuelas signs up new communities every week! Pinuelas stated, “Every single community, all the parks and recs, all the senior centers – they’ve all said the same thing: this is information people are seeking.” And it’s no surprise, the 55+ community is seeking relief from their various ailments, and MJ Tours is helping them find it.

The Active Aging program is going above and beyond to educate seniors about the ins and outs of cannabis, all while reducing the stigma and teaching them how to manage their pain. The popularity of the Cannabis 101 course has allowed Pinuelas and her team to start working on a 102 class, which will dive a little deeper into the science and processes such as farming practices, extraction, and more. Overall, Pinuelas wants the 55+ community to understand the differences between CBD and THC, become fluent in dosing, and discover all of the lasting benefits for both mind and body.

Papa & Barkley got connected with MJ Tours in the Coachella Valley and San Diego, and we’ve been honored to get the opportunity to lend a hand educating seniors about cannabis and the benefits of our products. “Papa & Barkley is such a great partnership with this program,” said Pinuelas, and we couldn’t agree more! 

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