Grow Tour

Follow from seed to smoke! Experience the amazing adventure each plant takes before landing in your pipe. 


$ 120
Days & Time

Friday and Saturday 11AM- 3:30PM
How Many Stops?

1 Cultivation/Extraction Facility, 1 Lab, 1 Dispensary, 1 Pizzeria
Free Benefits

Front Line pass, Discounted Prices, Fancy Swag Bag, Free Snacks and Drinks















Grow-op Tour Summary

Standing in Cannabis Field on Grow TourMJ Tours exists to not only entertain, but mainly to educate our guests about the benefits of cannabis, and how the industry regulates the processes of cultivating, extracting, testing, and measuring the plant so that the end product is of the best quality for consumers’ health and well-being.

On this tour, guests are picked up in our luxury Mercedes Sprinter from a local coffee shop, and taken directly to one of the best cultivation facility in the state.

Guests will meet with one of the grow representatives who will uncover their strategies on how their growing process produces some of the best medical grade cannabis products on the market.  They will educate guests on what it takes to cultivate the plants, as well as how extraction occurs.  

Cannabis professionals will talk about how the growing process has changed throughout history, and how the state has placed regulations to ensure that products are safe and effective.  They will also talk about the different properties of the plant, and how different methods of processing provide a variety of benefits from easing anxiety, to aiding in sleep, or diminishing pain.

Guests will get a chance to see the cultivation in progress, and tour a working lab.  

After the cultivation experience, guests are taken to a dispensary where they will use their newfound knowledge to purchase products at a discounted price.

Baby Cannabis Plants on Grow TourA “bud tender” will educate guests about some of the benefits of their most popular products, and guests will have time to shop at a leisurely pace. Choose from delicious edibles and drinks, to oils, beauty products, flower, and even dog products!

Leaving the dispensary, guests return to the coffee shop for a brief walk to a local pizzeria for a slice of some San Diego’s favorite pizza.

***Please note – the tour comes with a slice of pizza, and a refreshment of choice.  Any food and additional beverages may be purchased separately. MJ Tours does not provide any cannabis on their tours.

As of January 1. 2020
No Cannabis consumption of any kind per California Vehicle Code § 23229 is allowed on any vehicle. 
We are sorry and hope to have the law changed in the near future.