Buds & Brews Tour – GROUP BOOKING ONLY

Enjoy your suds and buds together! Learn about these two closely related plants for a unique craft brewery experience. 6 person minimum.


$ 120
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2 Dispensaries, 2 Breweries
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Front Line pass, Discounted Prices, Fancy Swag Bag, Free Beer and Finger Foods















Buds & Brews Tour Summary

Buds and Brews Cannabis Tour in BrewerySan Diego is considered to be one of the top craft beer destinations in the country.  With over 150 craft breweries, fresh and unique beer can be found on every street corner.  This tour will have you exploring some of San Diego’s favorite breweries as well as two of the top cannabis dispensaries in the city.

The tour meets at a local art installation where guests are introduced to their guide, and driven in our Mercedes Sprinter to one of our favorite dispensaries. On the drive, the guide will educate our guests on the history of cannabis, providing them with a deeper appreciation for the plant.

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Buds and Brews Cannabis Tour with Table Full of BeerWhen they arrive to the first dispensary, one of the “bud tenders” will educate our guests about the various products on the market, different ways to use, and the importance of micro dosing. Guests will learn about some of the regulations that have been placed on today’s cannabis products, and why the products today are much safer than products before. Guests will have time to shop at a discounted price!

After the dispensary, guests are brought to a local brewery where they will meet a brewery rep for a guided tour of the state of the art facility. They will taste a wide range of beers, from ales, to IPAs, to stouts, and porters.***

They will learn about the differences between each one, and have time to enjoy their beer.  After the brewery, guests are brought to a second dispensary where they will get to shop with a hands on experience and check out the different products offered that are different from the first.

Buds and Brews Cannabis Tour Bus RideFrom here we go to our second brewery where guest get to experience a larger brewery with many activities to participate in, such as bean bag toss, relax by the fire, or shop in the gift store. We encourage guests to grab a bite from one of the San Diego famous food trucks, where you can find everything from tacos to sushi.

From here we return back to North Park, to our final destination. At this point, guests have the option to keep the party going or call it a night!

***Please note – the tour comes with 3 free tastings at each brewery, any food and additional beer may be purchased separately. MJ Tours does not provide any cannabis on their tours. ***BYOB(beverage) for the ride!

As of January 1. 2020
No Cannabis consumption of any kind per California Vehicle Code § 23229 is allowed on any vehicle. 
We are sorry and hope to have the law changed in the near future.