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Are you looking for fun, unique or creative things to do in San Diego?

If so, MJ Cannabis Tours has got you covered! 

With many exciting cannabis tours on offer, we’re confident we’ll find a trip you and your friends will love.

Grow Tour

Follow from seed to sale! Experience the amazing adventure each plant takes before landing in your pipe.

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Weed & Wine

A match made in heaven! Experience wine country like never before while pairing two of your favorite intoxicants.

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Buds & Brews

Enjoy your suds and buds together! Learn about these two closely related plants for a unique craft brewery experience.

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Wake & Bake

Rise and shine, it’s cooking time! Learn the art of infusing cannabis into food for an elevated culinary experience.

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Our San Diego Cannabis Tours

At MJ Cannabis Tours, we’ve come up with a diverse selection of weed tours to showcase the wonders of San Diego and enable our clients to indulge a wide range of interests.

If you’re spending time in California, and you’re eager to explore the area, we’ve got a perfect cannabis tour in San Diego for you.

Cannabis Grow Tour

The grow tour is designed to be both fun and educational.

If you’re interested in the manufacturing and cultivating processes, and you’re keen to learn more about what’s involved in producing medical-grade marijuana, this is the ideal choice for you.

You get the chance to tour a cultivation facility, learn everything there is to know about growing and harvesting weed, and then put your newfound skills and knowledge to use when you arrive at the dispensary.

Your itinerary includes stops at:

– A cultivation/extraction facility/formulation lab
– A State testing lab
– A State licensed dispensary tour
– A pizzeria (to keep the munchies at bay!)


Buds and Brews Tour

San Diego is famed for its craft ales, and what better way to treat your taste buds than a weed and beer tour?

The buds and brews tour takes you on a voyage of discovery that enlightens you to the brewing process and gives you the chance to sample local beers and explore some of the city’s best dispensaries.

After visiting dispensaries, your guide will take you to two breweries where you can quench your thirst, grab some food and learn more about the close relationship between hops and buds.

Your weed and beer tour itinerary features:

– A tour of two dispensaries
– A tour of two breweries with the chance to try a selection of ales, porters, and stouts

Weed and Wine Tour

In California, we really know how to party!

Not only do we have great dispensaries, but we also have some pretty fantastic wineries too.

If you like to drink and dabble with the green stuff, our weed and wine tour will be right up your street.

The tour treats visitors to an opportunity to explore Ramona, an up and coming wine producing region located in the heart of Southern California. Guests can sample up to 9 different wines at three wineries, and enjoy a hearty lunch to boot.

The weed and wine tour features:

– 1 dispensary tour
-Visits to 3 wineries and a chance to try a range of different local wines and enjoy lunch

Wake and Bake Tour

If you’re looking for an original San Diego cannabis tour, look no further than our Wake and Bake tour.

This early morning treat is the perfect option for those keen to hone their culinary skills and impress their friends in the kitchen. The cooking with cannabis tour is an ideal way to learn about cannabis butter and to try recipes you can use at home to entertain and enchant guests.

This is an informal trip, and participants are actively encouraged to rock up in their PJs and take it easy.

The cooking with cannabis tour includes:

– Visit to a dispensary
– Trip to a coffee roaster
– Stop at a donut bar
– Cooking class to create cannabis-infused edible delights

Don’t forget, there’s an extra treat for anyone who is brave enough to arrive at their cannabis tour in San Diego in slippers and pajamas!

Why Join a Weed Tour?

Pot tours may not be your average tourist excursion, but hey, there’s nothing wrong with thinking outside the box!

Our weed tours are designed to give you the opportunity to explore the beautiful city of San Diego, meet other marijuana fans, learn some new skills and expand your horizons.

Who wouldn’t love touring dispensaries, making new friends and enjoying a few drinks and some supercharged baked goods along the way?

Choosing the Right Cannabis Tour

With so many fantastic California cannabis tours on offer, it’s understandable to be a little bit baffled when it comes to narrowing down the options.

We have carefully curated our selection of marijuana tours to please customers with a range of interests, and we’re pretty sure that we’ve got something for everyone.

If you’d like advice about which tour to choose, or you’re keen to find out more about each tour, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

We have a hand-picked team, which is on hand to offer advice, answer questions and provide tailored recommendations based on what you’re looking for and what floats your boat.

Why Choose MJ Cannabis Tours?

We know what you’re thinking… Cannabis is big business in Cali, so why should you choose our cannabis tour company for California cannabis tours?

The first reason is the quality of experiences we offer. We’re committed to providing unique pot tours, which are designed to be fun, but also informative and educational.

We want you to have a great time, and enjoy the weed, but we also want you to take something away from your day with us. We’ve got an expert team on hand, we’re the ultimate geeks when it comes to cannabis, and we’ve got unrivalled local knowledge.

Our guides are friendly, approachable and always willing to answer even the most outlandish questions.

Learn More About Our Tours

If you’re interested in a San Diego cannabis tour and you’re looking for a cannabis tour company you can trust to show you a good time, look no further!

We’ve got an awesome range of marijuana tours on offer, and we’ll always go the extra mile to ensure you have a blast with us.

If you have any questions at all or you’d like to book a tour, don’t hesitate to drop us an email, chat online, give us a call or check out our socials.

We guarantee a dope day out!

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