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We’re going to take you to the best dispensary in San Diego for free.
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Ride the Weed Bus

powered by MJ Tours

We’re going to take you to the best dispensary in San Diego for free.
Need a ride? Text us.

Whether you’re a cannabis aficionado or a first time smoker looking to test the waters of smoking cannabis, MJ Cannabis Tours can introduce you into a comfortable mobile lounge where you can try cannabis in a pressure-free environment, surrounded by professionals and specialists who can help to guide your decisions to ensure that you have the best smoking experience possible!

Our cannabus is specially designed to foster an enjoyable atmosphere where you can test out different strains of marijuana and get to know others with similar tastes and interests!

The Perks of Smoking in San Diego

Lounges in Amsterdam are often seen as seedy and poorly regulated. The semi-private clubs that are licensed to sell in Barcelona require membership and are often surrounded by street vendors attempting to illegally flyer and sell in the streets surrounding these venues. A San Diego cannabis lounge, on the other hand, is constantly regulated and checked.

While some vendors have experience dating back to 2010 when it was made legal to smoke cannabis in San Diego for medical purposes, many have only been operating since January 2018 when cannabis was legalized for recreational use. This means that they have received the most up-to-date training and are very well acquainted with current rules and regulations.

So, we have established that San Diego is one of the best places in the world that you can legally share and consume cannabis in a public setting. But why do you want to visit a weed lounge in the first place? Well, our cannabus in San Diego can provide you with the perfect environment to try cannabis and get a taste for the good stuff! 

Are You An Absolute Beginner?

If you’ve never tried smoking weed before, chances are that you’ll feel pretty lost when you first step foot into a dispensary. Many people make the mistake of assuming that “weed is just weed”. But this would be the equivalent of walking into a bar and assuming that all alcoholic drinks are the same!

We are all aware of the variety of drinks out there – what is favored by one person is likely to be detested by a handful of others. What is disliked one may be the rest of the room’s favorite. Cannabis can work very much in the same way. If you try to figure your preferences out independently, chances are that you’ll spend a lot of money in the dispensary investing in options that (to the trained eye) are clearly unsuitable for you as an individual. You can also waste a whole lot of time whittling your options down. As you can imagine, meeting professionals and connoisseurs in the field holds the potential to make the entire process more time and cost efficient.

If you’re a complete newbie, by visiting an MJ Cannabis Tours’ marijuana smoking lounge, you can also learn a lot about the process of smoking. You can learn how to roll a joint. You can learn how a bong is set up and how it can be used. You can learn how to inhale properly. You’ll be right at home and everything will feel second nature in next to no time.

Do You Have a Little More Experience?

Not everyone who passes through our doors is going to be completely new to smoking weed. Some of you may have been smoking for a while now! But not to worry. You can benefit from visiting us too! As you’re probably well aware, there are always new strains of cannabis being introduced to the market. Sure, you might know what you like and we can provide you with that. But if you’re looking to mix things up and try something new, we can guide you in the right direction too! As you can imagine, it’s a lot less expensive to try a little in our mobile smoking lounge than it would be to go all out in a dispensary.

Sharing is Caring!

Here at MJ Cannabis Tours, we hold the ethos that sharing is caring. Our cannabis smoke lounge fosters the perfect environment for bonding, sharing experiences, and generating a larger social circle – whether for the duration of the time that you smoke cannabis in San Diego, strengthening ties with existing friends, or making new friends along the way. You’ll find yourself immersed in an extremely inclusive setting and at the end of the day, you’re always going to have a mutual interest with everyone else in the space. Conversation is bound to flow smoothly. From staff to regulars to one-time drop-ins, people are generally happy to give advice, offer recommendations, and share stories of great times they’ve had smoking.

We Contribute to Local Culture

While we’re bound to want to focus on our own company, you’ll be glad to hear that our San Diego cannabis lounge also contributes significantly to local culture.

We Contribute to the Local Economy

First things first, we contribute significantly to the local economy. The cannabis smoke lounge drives business to surrounding establishments that we can partner with. After all, if you’re heading in to smoke, you really should make a day of it and check out some of the local eateries and bars where you can continue your day on a high (excuse the pun).

We Have Fostered a Community

We also contribute on a social level – just as bars have regulars, so do we. If you’re looking to expand your social circles and try a mobile smoke lounge in San Diego, here’s the perfect place to go!