MJ Cannabis Tours is proud to present our mobile cannabis lounge, perfect for your very own 420 celebration. At MJ Cannabis Tours, our goal is to bring education and open discussion to different parts of the community so we can help people understand the benefits of cannabis and how to responsibly consume it.

We know it can be tough to find like-minded individuals, and we want you to be able to enjoy the company of them along with some of the good stuff in a stress-free, fun environment!

National weed day 4/20 is getting closer, and what better day to enjoy our service?

The History of 4/20

420 is what many describe as holding the cannabis culture together. Many people wonder where the history of the 420 celebration even comes from. The cannabis world is full of rumors, but we’re going to let you know what the real deal is with 420.

Some say it’s how many chemical compounds are found in cannabis. Some say it’s Bob Marley’s birthdate. Others talk about the deaths of Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain as if that has something to do with it. It doesn’t. None of those things are true.

The real story is that 420 came about in the fall of 1971. The setting is San Rafael High School, which is 30 minutes north of San Francisco. A group of students at the high school had a special wall that they always hung out on outside of the school, and this earned them the nickname ‘the Waldos’.

The Waldos heard of a map drawn by a Coast Guardsman stationed at Point Reyes Lighthouse, who abandoned a patch of cannabis out of fear that his commanding officer would find out about it. The guardsman drew up the map and gave it to his brother in law Bill McNulty, who happened to be friends with our very own Waldos.

The Waldos were all great athletes, so they planned to meet after practice at 4:20 pm to decipher the map and find the cannabis patch. Of course, they would smoke beforehand to get in the right frame of mind, too!

They didn’t find it right away, of course, so each day they would remind one another by saying ‘4:20 Louie’ – which eventually became shortened to the 420 that we know and love today.

If you’re wondering how the 420 phrase spread so far, it was around the time The Grateful Dead relocated from San Francisco to San Rafael. One of the Waldos older brothers was good friends with the bassist, and the Waldos got access to some awesome parties. The 420 phrase spread like wildfire through The Grateful Dead community, and here we are today.

How did it end? The patch was never found, unfortunately. However, the Waldos continue to document their story at 420waldos.com.

Now, we celebrate this awesome story on 4/20 each year with National Weed Day!

MJ Cannabis Tours: Bringing The 420 Experience To Anyone

In our one of a kind mobile smoke lounges we bring the experience of cannabis to anyone, anywhere. Whether you are young, old, trying for the first time or looking for fellow aficionados, with our versatility and relationships, we can cater to anyone’s needs. MJ Cannabis Tours can provide you 420 tours in San Diego with the most memorable and exciting 420 party to experience with friends or like-minded people.

You’re bound to meet some cool people aboard our special cannabus, and we know you’ll love the 420 experience, too. We ensure that each and every guest is comfortable and well equipped with the knowledge they need to have the best time.

Try Before You Buy At The Dispensary

Our lounges are one of the only places in the state of California where you can sample, share and consume cannabis products. This gives you the advantage of testing which cannabis products work for you the best before you invest too much money in the dispensary. There’s so much choice out there that trying before you buy can be a huge help.

Not only are mobile smoke lounges great for the public, but they also drive business to the local bars and coffee shops that we partner with. Our cannabus makes it through the streets of California and stops off at some of the most amazing locations for you to explore.

An Exclusive Gold Standard Cannabis Experience In San Diego

Our exclusive 420 tours in San Diego are the gold standard for any of your cannabis enhancement needs. Why not get your friends together for an intoxicating private tour? You could throw an epic cannabis-infused 420 party and rent out our mobile smoke lounge and we’ll hook up everything you need to have an awesome time. Just kick back and enjoy smoking with your friends while we take care of the rest.

One Of The Best Cannabis Events In San Diego

There are many similar cannabis events in San Diego, so how are you supposed to decide which one to attend? Why work with MJ Cannabis tours specifically?

Not only do we have many satisfied customers and glowing reviews, but we also offer a legal and safe place to enjoy cannabis that provides all of the education and information you could need to make good choices. There’s no better place for anybody in the area to light up, whether you’re a seasoned toker or new to the experience.

National weed day is 4/20/2019, so why not use this as an excuse to book one of our esteemed Cannabis events in San Diego?

Knowledgeable Staff

If there’s one thing that sets MJ Cannabis Tours apart from the competition, it’s the knowledgeable, hand picked staff. Our team has all gone through a thorough training program and they are experts in making guests feel comfortable. Our guides are friendly, professional and knowledgeable and will make sure your San Diego cannabis tour or event runs as smoothly as possible.

Learn more about the positives of Cannabis culture and smoke 420 with our fantastic crew of cannabis geeks!

Educate Yourself On The Health Benefits of Cannabis

The cannabis industry is only set to grow, and we feel that people should now be looking at the health benefits of the plant, rather than looking at it as a psychedelic. This is why our mobile cannabis lounge aims to educate guests on the health benefits as much as possible.

We will make guests aware of the various potencies, and what may or may not work for them based on their needs and tolerance. It is our goal to ensure guests enjoy and respect cannabis as much as we do.

We’re also proud to note that our mobile cannabis lounge has been featured in the news due to our good work, including the San Diego Business Journal.

What are you waiting for? Come and smoke 420 with us!