Here at MJ Cannabis Tours, we’ve been open advocates of cannabis use for years. But, the rest of the world is finally starting to catch up. Mainly, there’s an awful lot of discussion about the use of cannabis for chronic pain.

It’s no secret that there are cannabis pain relief methods out there, but the thought of actually treating chronic pain with cannabis is quickly becoming a mainstream idea in the medical world. So, we thought we’d create this blog post to show you how and why weed is being seen as a solution to a lot of chronic pain-based conditions.

Over 20% Of Americans Suffer From Chronic Pain

What’s the relevance of this statistic? Well, it helps you see that chronic pain is clearly a serious issue in the medical world. As such, doctors are always looking for new ways of treating it and providing relief for patients. The big problem is, most treatments involve incredibly addictive drugs. In fact, opioids are a common pain-relief medication, and the majority of deaths by drug overdose are down to an addiction to them.

We’re not trying to darken the mood, it’s just a fact! The consequence of this is that the idea of treating chronic pain with cannabis is extremely promising. It offers an alternative treatment for chronic pain that doesn’t include popping numerous highly addictive pills.

Majority Of Medical Marijuana Users Use It For Pain

There have been plenty of studies done on the topic of medical marijuana and chronic pain. A lot of these focus on how treating chronic pain with cannabis is beneficial, but there was one that looked more at how people use medical weed.

Essentially, a survey was carried out on over 800,000 people registered for medical marijuana across 15 different states. The results found out that a massive 62.2% of people who use their medical marijuana for treatment reasons used it on chronic pain. That’s an enormous amount of people – it’s over half! This alone shows that treating pain with cannabis clearly works and has its place as a genuine solution. If it didn’t, then why would we have these stats that show so many people use cannabis for chronic pain? We wouldn’t, it would show that nobody uses it!

Over 85% Of People Surveyed Use Marijuana For Medical Treatments

It’s worth noting that there was another interesting statistic from this survey. Of the hundreds and thousands of people surveyed, over 85% admit they use medical marijuana to seek treatment for medical conditions. So, contrary to what the big mainstream media folks like to say, people aren’t using their prescriptions for recreational use!

Why Is Cannabis Pain Relief So Popular?

We can see that loads of people are definitely taking marijuana for chronic pain, but why is this becoming so popular? Part of this is down to the thing we touched upon earlier and all the overdoses on prescription drugs. There’s absolutely less risk in the chances of death by weed overdose compared to typical pills. It’s far safer, so medical professionals are genuinely starting to use it as an alternative treatment for chronic pain.

Not only that, but this idea of a cannabis painkiller is born out of science-based evidence. You can no longer hide from the facts; there is evidence to suggest that treating pain with cannabis will help. Plus, when people think about how weed can help manage pain, they always think about smoking a joint. But, there are now more ways to use the medicinal properties of cannabis to relieve your pain.

How to Use Cannabis to Treat Pain

Of course, you can definitely still smoke cannabis as a way of using it to treat your pain. There are plenty of dispensaries that can give you advice on medical marijuana and chronic pain, so you know which strains are the best. Just roll up your joint, smoke it, and you’ll start to feel better in minutes.

But, you also have a growth in the edible market as well. People like the idea of a cannabis painkiller that they can just eat and feel relief from. Realistically, you could do this yourself with some classic weed brownies anyway! But, with things like CBD oils – which are products using one of the chemical compounds found in cannabis – you can now get actual gummies to eat. Or another very popular idea are sprays that you apply to the afflicted areas.

In fact, those oils are where cannabis and chronic pain are entering industries like professional sports. Athletes can legally use them to treat painful conditions and aid with recovery, which is very fascinating to think about!

How Weed Can Help Treat Pain

Following on from how it can be used, we’re going to briefly look at how marijuana for chronic pain actually works. We won’t go deep into the scientific things here, but the basic understanding is that cannabis has anti-inflammatory properties that alleviate pain. By reducing inflammation, this dramatically helps with conditions like arthritis or persistent back pain.

Not only that, but many people say that taking marijuana for chronic pain helps them sleep better at night. By resting more, your body can recover better, which allows you to naturally deal with chronic pain a lot better.

What’s more, there are hardly any side effects to worry about, particularly if you use it correctly. Compare this to things like opioids, and you can have stomach problems, insomnia, nausea, and loads of other adverse side effects.

Should You Use Cannabis For Chronic Pain?

Why the heck not?! A quick Google search will show you so many people’s experiences with cannabis and chronic pain. It’s proven to help reduce inflammation and really reduce the amount of pain you’re feeling. The stats show that people with medical marijuana prescriptions are predominately using it to treat pain. So, why don’t you join the crowd if you’ve got a medical condition? You can smoke it, eat it, or even get yourself one of those oil-based sprays!